Here's a FUN way to get FIT and in shape for summer!

Get your 3-in-1 Pass for FREE classes at Body Elite gym in Stellenbosch: 
  • Boxing - a great cardio HIIT workout
  • ​Basic Jiu Jitsu / Self defense 
  • ​Yoga
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"Winter Cheat Sheet - How to stay warm without adding Calories"!
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"I would rate more stars, but are limited to 5!"

Body elite has always been a comfortable environment to train, a family gym where the members and the staff look out for each other inside and outside of the gym. They developed my boxing technique, attitude towards life and self - discipline more than I could of ever expected - Tivon 

"I've had a few personal trainers, but none have ever gotten close to the service I received from Body Elite!"

Craig and Ingrid have incredible in depth knowledge of weight training and how to maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle.  I had previously tried everything and nothing had ever worked before. Body elite helped me reach my goals. My body completely changed!  - Silke Rathbone
  • A gym where you can be yourself, no need for branded clothes and the latest sneakers
  • Something different – a new way to get into your best shape ever for a confident summer
  • ​Destress in a fun way
  • ​Our wide range of additional services which includes a strength section, personalised fitness plans, customised meal plans and tailormade health supplements will ensure the healthy, fit body you have always dreamt of.
What our members say...
Body Elite is a small and personal gym.
It is basically everything a franchise gym is not - De Wet
The knowledge is fantastic. This is not a once off diet plan or crash diet but a healthy lifestyle. Motivated me to strive to be the best I could possibly be, always pushing and wanting more - Adlem
"Body elite has given me a major boost in self confidence. My over all experience was amazing. My work out programs received were adjusted to my own personal goals and body type. Craig was never hesitant in correcting my form and was always offering me the world of advise. Ingrid always lent a ear to my nutritional questions and always assisted me in the best way possible. By far the friendliest gym I have been in." - Bianca
Body Elite is a fun and hardcore gym, filled with enthusiastic people and amazing staff. The layout is so cool and the colour scheme is just perfect for those who love vintage mixed with a stylish modern twist. My life did a complete turn around since I started gyming there and they have been in my life ever since - Jeannie